English-Vietnamese Dictionary
◊opine /ou'pain/
▫ ngoại động từ
▪ phát biểu
▪ cho rằng, chủ trương là
English Dictionary
v : speak one's opinion without fear or hesitation; "John spoke
up at the meeting" [syn: {speak up}, {animadvert}, {sound
English-Vietnamese Mining Dictionary
cây thông
English Computing Dictionary
Program for Internet News & Email. A tool for reading,
sending, and managing electronic messages. It was designed
specifically with novice computer users in mind, but can be
tailored to accommodate the needs of "power users" as well.
Pine uses {Internet} message {protocol}s (e.g. {RFC 822},
{SMTP}, {MIME}, {IMAP}, {NNTP}) and runs under {Unix} and
The guiding principles for Pine's user-interface were: careful
limitation of features, one-character mnemonic commands,
always-present command menus, immediate user feedback, and
high tolerance for user mistakes. It is intended that Pine
can be learned by exploration rather than reading manuals.
Feedback from the {University of Washington} community and a
growing number of {Internet} sites has been encouraging.
Pine's message composition editor, {Pico}, is also available
as a separate stand-alone program. Pico is a very simple and
easy-to-use {text editor} offering paragraph justification,
cut/paste, and a spelling checker.
Pine features on-line help; a message index showing a message
summary which includes the status, sender, size, date and
subject of messages; commands to view and process messages; a
message composer with easy-to-use editor and spelling checker;
an address book for saving long complex addresses and personal
distribution lists under a nickname; message attachments via
{Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions}; {folder} management
commands for creating, deleting, listing, or renaming message
folders; access to remote message folders and archives via the
{Interactive Mail Access Protocol} as defined in {RFC 1176};
access to {Usenet} news via {NNTP} or {IMAP}.
Pine, {Pico} and {UW}'s {IMAP} {server} are copyrighted but
freely available.
{Unix} Pine runs on {Ultrix}, {AIX}, {SunOS}, {SVR4} and
{PTX}. PC-Pine is available for {Packet Driver}, {Novell
LWP}, {FTP PC/TCP} and {Sun} {PC/NFS}. A {Microsoft
Windows}/{WinSock} version is planned, as are extensions for
off-line use.
Pine was originally based on {Elm} but has evolved much since
("Pine Is No-longer Elm"). Pine is the work of Mike Seibel,
Mark Crispin, Steve Hubert, Sheryl Erez, David Miller and
Laurence Lundblade (now at Virginia Tech) at the University of
Washington Office of Computing and Communications.
{(telnet://demo.cac.washington.edu/)} (login as "pinedemo").
E-mail: ,
(21 Sep 93)
French-Vietnamese Dictionary
▫ danh từ giống cái
▪ sopin (đơn vị (đo lường) cũ, bằng nửa lít)
▪ (thông tục) chai
◦ Une chopine d'eau-de-vie một chai rượu trắng