English-Vietnamese Dictionary
◊phase /feiz/
▫ danh từ
▪ tuần (trăng...)
▪ giai thoại, thời kỳ (phát triển, biến đổi)
▪ phương diện, mặt (của vấn đề...)
▪ (vật lý); (sinh vật học) pha
▫ ngoại động từ
▪ thực hiện (chương trình...) từng giai đoạn
▪ (vật lý) làm đồng bộ
!to phase out something
▪ (từ Mỹ,nghĩa Mỹ) thôi dần dần không dùng cái gì, rút lui dần dần cái gì
English Dictionary
n 1: any distinct time period in a sequence of events; "we are in
a transitional stage in which many former ideas must be
revised or rejected" [syn: {stage}]
2: (physical chemistry) a distinct state of matter in a system;
matter that is identical in chemical composition and
physical state and separated from other material by the
phase boundary: "the reaction occurs in the liquid phase
of the system"
3: a particular point in the time of a cycle; measured from
some arbitrary zero and expressed as an angle [syn: {phase
4: (astronomy) the particular appearance of a body's state of
illumination (especially one of the recurring shapes of
the part of Earth's moon that is illuminated by the sun);
"the full phase of the moon"
v 1: arrange in phases or stages: "phase a withdrawal"
2: adjust so as to be in a synchronized condition; "he phased
the intake with the output of the machine"
English-Vietnamese Mining Dictionary
giai đoạn
English-Vietnamese Water Dictionary
▪ Pha, kỳ.
◦ Disperse phase Pha phân tán.
◦ Feeding phase Pha dinh dưỡng.
◦ Growth phase Pha sinh trưởng.
◦ Inhibitory phase Pha ức chế.
English Computing Dictionary
1. The offset of one's waking-sleeping schedule with respect
to the standard 24-hour cycle; a useful concept among people
who often work at night and/or according to no fixed schedule.
It is not uncommon to change one's phase by as much as 6 hours
per day on a regular basis. "What's your phase?" "I've been
getting in about 8 P.M. lately, but I'm going to {wrap around}
to the day schedule by Friday." A person who is roughly 12
hours out of phase is sometimes said to be in "night mode".
(The term "day mode" is also (but less frequently) used,
meaning you're working 9 to 5 (or, more likely, 10 to 6).)
The act of altering one's cycle is called "changing phase";
"phase shifting" has also been recently reported from Caltech.
2. "change phase the hard way": To stay awake for a very long
time in order to get into a different phase.
3. "change phase the easy way": To stay asleep, etc. However,
some claim that either staying awake longer or sleeping longer
is easy, and that it is ▫shortening▫ your day or night that is
really hard (see {wrap around}). The "jet lag" that afflicts
travelers who cross many time-zone boundaries may be
attributed to two distinct causes: the strain of travel per
se, and the strain of changing phase. Hackers who suddenly
find that they must change phase drastically in a short period
of time, particularly the hard way, experience something very
like jet lag without travelling.
French-Vietnamese Dictionary
▫ danh từ giống cái
▪ pha, kỳ
◦ Les phases de la lune các pha của mặt trăng
◦ phase liquide pha lỏng
◦ Les phases d'une maladie các kỳ (phát triển) của bệnh
◦ Différence de phases (điện học) hiệu (số) pha
German-Vietnamese Dictionary
◊die Phase
▪ {phase} tuần, giai thoại, thời kỳ, phương diện, mặt, pha