English-Vietnamese Dictionary
◊thumb /θΔm/
▫ danh từ
▪ ngón tay cái
▪ ngón tay cái của găng tay
!to be under someone's thumb
▪ bị ai thống trị, bị ai kiềm chế; ở dưới quyền ai
!to bite one's thumb at somebody
▪ lêu lêu chế nhạo ai
!his fingers are all thumbs
▪ nó vụng về hậu đậu
!thumbs down
▪ dấu ra hiệu từ chối (không tán thành)
!thumbs up
▪ dấu ra hiệu đồng ý (tán thành)
▫ ngoại động từ
▪ dở qua (trang sách)
◦ to thumb the pages of a book dở qua trang sách
▪ vận dụng vụng về, điều khiển vụng về
◦ to thumb the piano đánh pianô vụng về
!to thumb one's nose at someone
▪ (thông tục) để ngón tay cái lên mũi để chế nhạo ai, lêu lêu ai; nhạo ai, miệt thị ai
English Dictionary
n : the thick short innermost digit of the forelimb [syn: {pollex}]
v 1: travel by getting free rides from motorists [syn: {hitchhike},
2: look through a book or other written material; "He thumbed
through the report"; "She leafed through the volume" [syn:
{flick}, {flip}, {riffle}, {leaf}, {riff}]
3: feel or handle with the fingers; "finger the binding of the
book" [syn: {finger}]
English Computing Dictionary
An extension to the {Advanced RISC Machine}
architecture, announced on 06 March 1995 by {Advanced RISC
Machines} Ltd. By identifying the critical subset of the ARM
{instruction set} and encoding it into 16 bits, ARM has
succeeded in reducing typical program size by 30-40% from
ARM's already excellent code density. Since this Thumb
instruction set uses less memory for program storage, cost is
further reduced.
All Thumb-aware {processor core}s combine the capability to
execute both the 32-bit ARM and the 16-bit Thumb instruction
sets. Careful design of the Thumb instructions allow them to
be decompressed into full ARM instructions transparently
during normal instruction decoding without any performance
penalty. This differs from other 32-bit processors, like the
{Intel 486SX}, with a 16-bit data bus, which require two
16-bit memory accesses to execute every 32-bit instruction and
so halve performance.
The patented Thumb decompressor has been carefully designed
with only a small amount of circuitry additional to the
existing instruction decoder, so chip size and thus cost do
not significantly increase. Designers can easily interleave
fast ARM instructions (for performance critical parts of a
program) with compact Thumb code to save memory.
French-Vietnamese Dictionary
▫ danh từ giống đực
▪ (hàng hải) rum (khoảng chia địa bàn bằng J r 15 ')
# đồng âm
Vietnamese-French Dictionary
▪ cabane d'affût (des chasseurs).
Vietnamese Dictionary
▪ d. Túp dựng trong rừng để ngồi rình các thú vật khi săn bắn.