English-Vietnamese Dictionary
◊tilde /tild/
▫ danh từ
▪ dấu sóng (dùng thay từ lặp lại trong từ điển)
▪ dẫu ngã, dấu mềm (trên chữ n ở tiếng Tây ban nha)
 til  tilbury  tilde  tilde  tile 
English Dictionary
n : a diacritical mark (~) placed over the letter n in Spanish
to indicate a palatal nasal sound or over a vowel in
Portuguese to indicate nasalization
English-Vietnamese Computing Dictionary
dấu ngã
English Computing Dictionary
"~" {ASCII} character 126.
Common names are: {ITU-T}: tilde; squiggle; {twiddle}; not.
Rare: approx; wiggle; {swung dash}; enyay; {INTERCAL}: sqiggle
Used as {C}'s prefix {bitwise negation} {operator}; and in
{Unix} {csh}, {GNU Emacs}, and elsewhere, to stand for the
current user's {home directory}, or, when prefixed to a {login
name}, for the given user's home directory.
The "swung dash" or "approximation" sign is not quite the same
as {tilde} in typeset material but the ASCII tilde serves for
both (compare {angle brackets}).
[Has anyone else heard this called "tidal" (as in wave)?]
French-Vietnamese Dictionary
▫ danh từ giống đực
▪ dấu sóng, dấu mềm (trên chữ n tiến Tây Ban Nha)
German-Vietnamese Dictionary
◊die Tilde
▪ {sign of repetition}
◦ die Tilde (Linguistik) {tilde}